Rainy Nights and Warm Comfort Food


Lettuce.B hosted its second evening of Cooking demonstrations and Nutrition lectures on Thursday evening.

The cold rainy night was quickly warmed as guests were greeted with mushrooms stuffed with black rice, walnuts, and garlic.

Bruschetta topped with chopped avocado, tomatoes and balsamic reduction soon followed.

The cocktails celebrated the healthy evening of dining with Prosecco, muddled raspberries and blackberries.

The Natural Chefs Brandon and Hilary demonstrated a vegan ricotta cheese made with sprouted tofu and nutritional yeast.

This was one of the layers of the vegan lasagna along with kale, caramelized onions, spaghetti squash, and fresh tomatoes.

The kale salad was a rainbow of colors with golden beets, crisp Fuji apple slices, pine nuts, currants and dressed in a lemon thyme vinaigrette.

Nutritionist Ilyse W. Petter, MS spoke of the benefits of dairy-free options and the Nutritional benefits of their substitutes.

The evening became even sweeter when Chef Jane demonstrated a fresh strawberry Kanten, a custard like confection using Agar-Agar instead of gelatin. This nutrient dense seaweed derivative packs iron, calcium, zinc, potassium, magnesium, and folate.

“The evening was really educational and the food was amazing”

Lettuce.B continues to wow its guests and keep them wanting more

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