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I created LettuceB as the mother of two children and a professional Nutritionist.  I practiced for many years in New York as a nutritionist after completing my Masters at NYU.  Through socializing with other families and working with clients I realized that there were huge discrepancies in what we were supposed to be feeding our children.

How long should one nurse for?…. Is it necessary to serve only organic food?…..At what age should I start solids?…Is fruit juice ok?….Must I make my own baby food?….Gluten Free?… Dairy free?….Nut free?….The questions were endless and even more endless were the different answers.

Neither the Pediatricians nor the parents seemed to have any definitive answers.  To me, pediatric nutrition seemed to be a convoluted blur between outdated tips passed down through the family and spurious claims made by parenting books.  Everyone was just confused. And so… Lettuce.B was born!

This is a place that I will freely speak and give you my advice as a practicing Nutritionist and as the mother of a six year old girl and three year old boy.
Through my clients and their families and of course my own children (affectionately known as my Science experiments) I have acquired a wealth of knowledge now available to you.

I will of course welcome any feedback as well as requests for topics and I look forward to helping you change the way the world feeds it’s children.

Feeding With Love,

Ilyse W. Petter

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